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Doors opening on July 1st for Joy of Painting -- The Year of Color!

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    The Story of Joy of Painting

    with artist Cathy Nichols

    After years of teaching art, I started to notice that most creative people had something in common. They wondered how to translate their love of making art into a unique style that could grow over time and allow them to express their singular way of seeing the world. Soon I began thinking a lot about what a program for nurturing artists would look like. How could I help others tap into the kind of creativity that feels endlessly abundant and expresses something special & unique to each person? How could I guide other artists toward an authentic vision uniquely theirs? How could I keep people together and give them the love and support that makes this journey fun? What emerged was a process and philosophy that I've called the "Joy of Painting," and each year we focus on a new theme to grow our gifts.

    The Joy of Painting Theme of 2024 is COLOR!

    A New COURSE focusing on Color Each Month

    Dive into the world of color with a carefully curated palette that will help you grow in color confidence and lead you gently toward finding your unique color voice! As we paint through the year, you’ll not only become adept at blending hues and achieving harmony, but you'll get in tune with the way that color touches our emotions.

    Every month, I’ll guide you through an immersive art class, complete with step-by-step video instructions in my vibrant, expressive style. You’ll receive a detailed supply list and a beautifully coordinated color palette for each project. These have been meticulously selected to ignite your creativity and foster growth in understanding color theory – all in a way that feels joyful and free from overwhelm. Get ready to paint a year filled with color, expression, and personal growth!

    Transform Your Art with my Expert Mentorship

    Having devoted more than two decades to my craft, I am a seasoned artist who possesses a wealth of knowledge on painting, color, and composition. As your guide, I will nurture your growth as an artist, offering both encouragement and instruction to help you develop your skills and reach your full potential.


    This is a piece of word art created with the names of our founding community members! When you join Joy of Painting, you'll become a valued member of a supportive and caring community of artists from around the world. As part of our community, you'll have exclusive access to our private Facebook Group and to ongoing feedback and friendship.

    "A simple line painted with the brush can lead to freedom and happiness." -- Joan Miro